The Lavender Tour of Provence – 4 hours

1-8 persons

The Lavender of Provence Tour – Half day tour

The Valensole plateau in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region rises to an altitude of 500 m and stretches for many kilometers. Its main activities are agriculture, tourism and crafts, and it is famous for its truffle and lavender crops. Over 80,000 hectares of the plateau are cultivated (95% lavandin and 5% lavender), which is why it’s known as the “granary of the region”.

Lavandin is the plateau’s most famous crop, but has been on the verge of extinction over the past 30 years due to foreign competition.

It is mainly used in the production of Marseille soap, or distilled for perfume or scents, or used by local beekeepers during the flowering season (June-July) to extract the famous lavender honey and in the past for its medicinal virtues.

In addition to the superb lavender fields, the Valensole plateau also boasts olive and almond groves: the 7-hectare Petit Saint-Jean olive grove is home to some 1,500 olive trees, and the almond grove was entirely planted with almond trees until the 1960s. Its highly prized almonds were used in the production of Aix-en-Provence calissons.

The Lavender Tour in 4 hours:


Visit to the Terra Roma distillery: On arrival, we’ll start with a guided tour of the Terra Roma distillery. You’ll discover the secrets of distilling lavender and other aromatic plants, an ancestral skill of the region.

Local products store: After the distillery, we’ll visit the store where you can buy local products and souvenirs such as essential oils, soaps and much more.

Lavender fields: We continue our journey through the lavender fields, which stretch as far as the eye can see. This is your chance to soak up the unique colors and scents of Provence.

Photo session in the fields: A special time is set aside for a short photo session in the fields. Don’t forget your camera 😉

Tasting at a beekeeper’s: Finally, we’ll finish with a visit to a local beekeeper, where you can taste artisanal honey and almonds. Depending on availability, you can also enjoy olive oil or fresh olives.

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